The 3 most powerful questions to ask when setting new year intentions

It’s 2017……. Now what???
It’s that time of year where we think about the year that has passed and begin to plan for how we would like the next year to be. People often talk about setting New Years Resolutions but in order to do so we must ask ourselves meaningful questions if we are to truly access all our available inner resources.

When setting intentions for the coming year, people typically want to lose weight, get fitter, be more mindful, be able to better manage stress and promise themselves not to take it all too seriously. Yet, before you know it, the work is stacking up, the to-do lists form, and all of a sudden you feel like you are back on the rat wheel, doing what you have always done.

To better support yourself in holding firm to your intentions,we need to tap into our emotions not our head. From our emotions come our habits and from our habits come our patterns in behaviour. To set more powerful intentions for 2017, begin by asking yourself these 3 questions;

1. How would you like to feel in 2017?

2. What experiences would you like to have in 2017?

3. What would make your heart sing in 2017?

When answering these questions, use all your senses to paint a picture of what it might look like, hear the sounds, the voices and the environment, consider the actions taking place and sensations in your heard and heart. When we explore all of our senses we are using the principles of neuroscience to build stronger intentions and stronger drivers towards action.

Once you have written your answers for these 3 questions, review them to see any common themes or words that come up….. these few words can become your GOAL, INTENTION and DRIVER for 2017.

For me, I want to feel connected to others, I want to experience positive relationships with colleagues and what makes my heart sing is seeing people using and benefiting from resources and tools I provide.

In a nutshell, my intention for 2017 is to;


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Daniela Falecki

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