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The purpose of Teacher Wellbeing is to help teachers manage the daily stressors on the job and support quality teaching.  We do this through sharing the latest research, resources and strategies in positive psychology, coaching psychology and more.



It is the vision of Teacher Wellbeing that teachers be supported as lead-learners. It is our vision that teachers have evidence based strategies to support their own wellbeing and therefore be better teachers for their students. This vision includes teachers acting as leaders with influence that inspire and empower people to flourish.



Daniela Falecki currently lectures at University Of Western Sydney in educational psychology and is the founder of Teacher Wellbeing. She was a teacher for 12 years in government schools in NSW before retraining as a Rudolf Steiner teacher and working in the Independent sector for another 4. Always passionate and dedicated to mentoring and empowering others, she became burnt out herself so embarked on a new journey – one to help her better manage her own wellbeing.

This involved learning new tools and skills to become an accredited Life Coach and Life Coach Trainer, a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, and certified Transpersonal Coach. With extensive knowledge in Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence and Coaching Psychology she is a sort after speaker in education and was listed in the top 3 lectures of the year for UWS in 2014.

Daniela also worked as the NSW manager for the Outdoor Education Group (OEG), liaising with the top 20 private schools in New South Wales to plan, write and implement their outdoor education programs with a focus on resilience and leadership.

As Teacher Wellbeing grows with tools to share across Australia, Daniela continues to stay up to date with the latest research doing a Masters of Educational Leadership and writing a BOSTES accredited Mentoring Program for supervising teachers of pre-service teachers.  People describe Daniela as passionate and inspiring, they walk away from workshops or coaching programs feeling better about themselves and more satisfied in knowing they really are making a difference to the lives of young people.

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