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“Daniela’s workshop was awesome, insightful, engaging and helpful. She offered a number of analogies, strategies and examples to showcase new ways of thinking. I particular enjoyed the character profiling and how to raise awareness of group traits, thankyou”

Susie Kreipp , St Ursula College, NSW

"Loved it – a dynamic session with a good balance of activities and talking. The templates were great and I will certainly be using them with my students – thank you." .

Beth Roberts, Radford College Canberra

“As a pastoral care leader, Daniela’s workshop really helped me re-inforce the tenets of Positive Education and PERMA, thankyou for making it real and practical.”

Alison Larkings, Mt St Michaels College, QLD

"Excellent, excellent, excellent. Very entertaining and broadened my outlook when working with others."

Leigh Balcomb, Sirrocco Hair

“What a fantastic and engaging presentation! As an early career teacher this workshop has provided me with a toolkit to rebound with during the daily stressors of my job”

Mel Petrovski, Greenway Public, NSW

“Daniela’s workshop was just what I needed and is certainly something the whole staff should do. It helped me find perspective and I will certainly be sharing the wellbeing tools.”

Penny Reid, OLSH, Alice Springs, NT

“I feel like this has been one of the only professional development workshops I have really engaged with. You have helped me learn several strategies for me to be a better teacher and a happier person.”

Rebecca Cottrell, Lurnea High School, NSW

"This presentation was positive and affirming encouraging us to act and not telling us what to do. It reminded me of what is important making it a great way to start the term – thank you.”

Bethany O’Connor, Wyndham College

“A highly engaging presentation – A great sense of humour that was supported with realistic strategies and drawn from experience. You have left me with some great ideas to increase flow and savouring in my classroom”

Olivia Lennon, Mt St Michaels, QLD

“Daniela, your timing, balance, advice, strategies and experience was perfect. I really related to your storied and concepts, not only for me personally but also in empowering students.

Penelope Field, Karabar High, ACT

A very engaging and useful presentation. It increased my awareness on how to appeal to Gen Y and engage learners in my classroom."

Belinda Sparks, St Mary's

Daniela's interactive full day presentation was based on a thorough knowledge and understanding of adolescent development as well as what is important to teenagers. Her respectful and non judgmental approach gained the respect and cooperation of our students and led them to new levels of understanding about themselves. Students were engaged in fun discussion and activities and were unanimous in their reports about the positive affect the program had on their behaviours. I would highly recommend this program as a highly effective and inspiring method to develop a positive sense of personal autonomy in students.
Comments included;
- We learnt how to be more positive and to think happy.
- I have learnt about my strengths and weaknesses and how to inspire people.
- You have taught me so much in such a short time, I will never forget it.

Liz Sydenham, Teacher Mt St Josephs Milperra

"I had a real wake up call learning about Gen Y. This presentation has changed the way i am going to approach educating my students. I will be modyfing my lessons to accomodate their needs and altering my language & communication style."

Karen Stuttle, Greystanes High

Daniela can get through to even the most cynical of teachers. She is a vibrant educator with a real passion for assisting other educators understand Generation Y.

Tereas Urlich, Mosman High

Daniela's presentation and tools were very useful. It was good to have an insight into Gen Y and i plan to focus more on the positive attributes of my students.

Heather Morley, Turramurra High

A great interactive, informative session. It was good having tools that are manageable and not labour intensive to help us understand and get the students to know us as educators.

VET Met North Syd Conference

A wonderful session, students were engaged from the outset and maintained this for the entire 2 hour session. It was well structure with well integrated activities. Daniela's high energy was well received by the students helping them learn so much.

Northwest BEN Student workshop on Teamwork

Daniela's presentation was great and very resourceful on all aspects of teaching. We learnt how to implement values and attitudes in the classroom and new ways of looking at the quality teaching model." Bianca Blazejevski

UTS Final Year Primary student

"Daniela offered a great insight into EQ with a good practical presentation - I have taken away emotional skills to better look after myself and therefore help others."

AIS Pastoral Care Conference May

"The scaffolds provided were very useful as a Pastoral Care tool with both staff and students - some great ideas, thanks."

Sarah Jane (Teacher), AIS Pastoral Care Conference May

"I've been to many presentations on adolescence and Daniela's has been the best I've seen. It was clear, fun and engaging."

Carran (Parent), St Ursula College, Kingsgrove, Parent Evening

As head facilitator at our conference, Daniela was professional, thorough and thought provoking in promoting a culture of teamwork, leadership and quality.”

Mike (Outdoor Education Group), International College or Management Sydney

A very engaging, useful presentation linking well to the quality teaching model - well done. It gave me food for thought about how to listen to students to establish better connections with them."

Maria (Teacher), Birrong Girls High Staff development Day

“A very interesting presentation with useful tools to use with both staff and students”

Vince (Teacher, Sydney), PDHPE Conference 2007