Daniela Falecki

Hi, I’m Daniela Falecki,

Teachers across Australia have labelled me the ‘Keep-it-real Teacher’ because I am passionate, energetic, inspiring, funny and most importantly realistic. As a teacher for more than 20 years, I know all too well the stress, frustrations and struggles teachers face. Through my own stories and learnings I share with other teachers evidence-based strategies where we laugh, reflect, gain new insights and walk away with practical strategies for both ourselves and students.

Having worked as a teacher in NSW DEC, the Independent sector, primary, high school and now tertiary institutions, I have seen it all. From Western Sydney government schools to Eastern suburb private schools, as well as throughout Australia, teachers are doing an amazing job yet crying out for help. Through my own journey as a teacher, lecturer and coach, I am proud to support schools and their teachers wherever possible.

Want to know more?

Daniela holds a Masters in Education (Leadership) from Western Sydney university, a Bachelor of Education from the University of Wollongong, a Certificate in Rudolf Steiner Education from Parsifal College and is a certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. Daniela is a Senior Associate for the Positivity Institute with Dr Suzy Greenm a member of the International Coach Federation and International Positive Psychology Association, and a licensed Mental Toughness user. Daniela also currently lectures at Western Sydney University in Educational Psychology, Pedagogy and Wellbeing. In 2014 Daniela was placed in the top 3 for “Lecturer of the Year” as rated by students for her engaging style.

As an educator Daniela has specialized in the area of pastoral care, welfare, year advising, beginner teacher mentor, Head Teacher, Curriculum advisor for NSW Department of Education and Communities as well as the Association of Independent Schools (AIS). Daniela also operated as the NSW Manager for a National Outdoor Education company (OEG), where she liaised with the top 10 private schools in Sydney to deliver high quality programs specialising in leadership, resilience and relationships for both staff and students.

Daniela runs numerous NESA accredited courses for Teacher Training Australia including online programs for teachers that embed Coaching Psychology and Positive Psychology. This includes programs written for the University of Sydney and Western Sydney University in the areas of early career teachers, supervising teachers of pre-service teachers, university advisors and indigenous teachers.

Daniela is also a sought-after speaker at schools and conferences across Australia. Daniela’s style is often described as highly motivating, inspiring, engaging, practical, and most of all realistic for teachers in today’s dynamic environment.