Fear of change

Fear is a strong emotion that is often perceived as being bad, we often hear of people trying to ‘overcome’ or ‘minimise’ it, yet where does it come from?

Just as illness contains information about your health, so do fears contain information about your happiness. It is this emotion that can tell us so much about ourselves, our actions and the results we achieve.

Essentially fear is about being uncertain, uncertain of others response, uncertain of the outcome, uncertain of ourselves. We are often fearful when we are asked to do something and we do not know the result. We fear what we don’t know because knowing means we are able to control the outcome and remain safe. By doing familiar tasks we are able to remain in our comfort zone by knowing the expected outcome. If we change what we do, all of a sudden the outcome may change and this can be scary. We begin to question ourselves and question others.

Fear is the predominant feeling when looking at change because it often means people have to do something different, step out of their comfort zone and they are unsure of the outcome of doing so.

The key to understanding fear is to firstly recognise it, and secondly ask yourself;
• ‘What is it I’m afraid of?’,
• ‘what is the worst that could happen?’,
• ‘What is the best that could happen?’
• ‘Am i prepared to stretch my comfort zone?’
• ‘What if this change could make my life easier, happier and better?’

Use these questions to gain perspective on your current reality without a story attaching to it such as ‘This has worked for so long why should i change it now?’. Whether we like it or not, the world is changing and if we stand still in it, we will only be left behind.

Be open to trying new things. Fear is as normal an emotion as happiness. It is essential to have and recognise. Use fear to your advantage by understanding it instead of allowing fear to control you, your behaviour and ultimately limit your potential.

As Einstein said, if what you are doing is working then keep doing it, if it’s not, then change it. It is insane to keep doing the same thing expecting a different result.

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