Goal Setting tips

Do you have a list of unmet goals that you wish you could finally meet? If you are like most people, you have great ideas for goals that you can set, but following through is sometimes difficult. Why do we seat goals that we fail to keep? Many times it is because we either set unrealistic goals, or we become distracted along the road to reaching our goals. Most folks would like to fulfill the goals they set for themselves. It is good to get one that you can fulfill as you will experience a sense of success and have a feeling of command over the course in your life. When you set up objectives, you must do it appropriately. There are a variety of goal setting flaws that are done you’ll want to avoid making.

Obscure goals generally do not work well. You’ll need ones which are on target and crystal clear in order to know for a fact when you fulfill them. Dropping weight is not a specific objective. Losing 10 lbs is one. You will know the actual moment when the goal is fulfilled.

Before you set (and fail to keep) another goal, follow these steps so you can finally reach your goals.

1. The first step in effectively setting and meeting your goals is focusing your attention and deciding what your goals are. If you aren’t sure what kind of goals you want to make, sometimes it is a good idea to ask yourself what kind of goal you don’t want to make. Once you figure that out, you can simply do the opposite.

2. Do you ever get bored with your goals? Chances are boredom is one of the main reasons that you’ve given up on your goals. One great way to avoid goal-setting-boredom without giving up on your goals is to set smaller goals along the way to your main goals. This will help you to feel accomplished because you will constantly be reaching your goals, and you won’t feel that you are simply treading water.

3. One of the easiest ways to set and keep goals is to have an accountability partner who will help keep you on track. Your accountability partner can help to remind you of your goals, and give you advice on how to stay on the right path. It is important to remember, however, that your accountability partner is not supposed to coerce you into meeting your goals. Instead, they should simply hold your hand along the goal setting road.

These tips should help. Best of luck in your goal-setting endeavor.

By Sally Mcknight

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