How to take Mindful Moments as an educator

Practising Mindful Moments in May

Do you ever think back upon your work week and struggle to remember what it was you actually did, let alone achieved?

Have you noticed how quickly time passes us by without you even realising it? All of a sudden it is Christmas again.

The way to manage this timelessness is to be more mindful about each moment within the day, to be fully present and actually NOTICE your surroundings.

Living consciously does not require you to visit a monastery or go on a retreat. While these things have their benefits, living consciously means being mindful in each moment.

The one thing that prevents us from doing this is the endless chatter that occurs in your mind. The irony is, to stop the chatter, we have to be mindful, and to be mindful we have to stop the chatter. Its a tricky one, I know.

Here are some practical ways to stop the mind chatter and practice mindfulness:

The Art of Observation

  • Stop and NOTICE your surroundings. Do this when walking between classes or on playground duty, waiting in traffic, sitting at your desk, having lunch, in a meeting – it doesn’t matter where, just decide and do it.
  • Make a mental note of all the things you see around you. Close your eyes and recount at least 10 things you have just seen. Count it out on your fingers if you have to.
  • Make it a game with friends to see who can remember the most things. Do it as often as you can!

Appreciating Beauty

  • Take the time to acknowledge three things that you find beautiful today. What is beautiful about them and what is it in them that you like or appreciate?

Being Present

  • As you walk (through the school, the park, local streets or even your house) touch a tree trunk, a leaf, a flower or anything based in nature. Feel the texture and notice its beauty and scars, its deformities and its perfection. Nature is always growing, changing and shifting – as are you.
  • Stop for 5 minutes and be silent. Often our world is so full of noise we forget to actually listen to our surroundings. Turn off the tv, the radio and your own voice. If you are rushed for time, do this whilst in the car or travelling on public transport. Take the time to tune in and listen to all the sounds you can hear – begin training your ears to really hear what is happening around you right now. Make a mental note of all the sounds you can hear.

Resources you might be interested in…

Don’t forget there are heaps of apps that can help you practise mindfulness too. Some of my favourites are Calm, Insight Timer and Yoga Nidra. Find one that works for you and use it.

Looking for more information? Check out this video from Mindful Schools or these great evidence-based courses.

I hope you find these helpful and have a great week!



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