Insights from the National Positive Psychology Conference Sept 2016

I have recently just returned from the National Positive Psychology Conference, held by South Australia Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI), and my head is spinning with exciting research, resources and insights to share.

Apart from feeling very privileged to run a workshop on Teacher Wellbeing, it was wonderful to hear leaders in the field urge schools to prioritize teacher wellbeing as a way of supporting student wellbeing, resilience and academic achievement. Through regular and high quality professional development that allows teachers to learn and live positive psychology, we build a more sustainable work force. Some of  insights from the conference include;

  • Felicia Huppert sharing the 5 ways to wellbeing, were mindfulness research continues to show huge benefits and compassion becomes central to wellbeing.
  • Lea Waters spoke about strengths and how parents and teachers play an important role in teaching self acceptance and kindness based on understanding and using these strengths
  • Sue Langley explained how the brain learns and changes habits through emotion
  • Charlie Scudamore (Deputy Principal Geelong Grammar) shared his reflection of what has worked and what hasn’t in Positive Education highlighting the importance of leadership in any change process.
  • A school case study from The Hamilton & Alexandra College based on the 5 Domains of Positive Functioning. Here teachers shared how to develop cross curriculum positive education activities that explicitly teach wellbeing.

I am looking forward to incorporating these insights and more in upcoming workshops – checkout the date below. As for whole staff PD, I still have a few days free in December and 2017 is filling up fast.

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Daniela Falecki

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