Positive Psychology tools for the staffroom & classroom

Positive Thinking without Positive Action will get you Positively Nothing.

Don’t kid yourself thinking that positive psychology is all about positive thinking, its not.
In fact, applying positive psychology tools takes great courage, effort and know-how.
In the many workshops I run, people are often amazed at how the simple yet confronting the tools can be. What is also exciting is just how powerful a simple re-frame of a situation can be in helping someone realise just how amazing they already are, how powerful their teaching is and how supported and valued they are by others.These are all the things i craved as a teacher and now share with others on how to achieve it.

Here are a suite of resources for you to try;

  1. Positive Psychology Program – Supported by Langley Group, this site offers a comprehensive set of downloadable resources for an annual price ($190 pa). Good for schools to get and share the resources.
  2. Innovative resources – A fantastic Aussie website with an extensive range of resources for the classroom or staff room including books, posters, cards and more
  3. My wellbeing-my Classsroom resource – a downloadable program from ReachOut.com for teens that is great as a welfare / pastoral care program.
  4. BiteBack digital Online program – a great positive psychology program for teens to get involved in.
  5. Mindfulness courses – Online courses for teachers that are education specific about mindfulness
  6. Growth Mindset resources – Free resources for students and staff developed by Stanford University
  7. Teaching Emotional Intelligence to young people – Excellent tools, research and strategies from Yale University including EQ app to use for yourself or the classroom

Of course, there is always so much more on the Teacher Wellbeing website.  If you have any questions, or would like something more specific, please feel free to ask.

Daniela Falecki
Lecturer and Leadership Coach

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