Possibility mindset – public versus private education

Public education v Private education – a mindset of possibility

When i was teaching in a public school both staff and students would often comment on all the things they didn’t have eg not enough paper, not enough resources, not enough text books etc. When  students asked if they could go here or there the response was always, we don’t have the money or the resources for that we just have to make do with what we have.
When working in a private school, surprisingly the conversations were much the same, but the main difference was the attitude presented. If there were limited resources or funding, instead of teachers saying “its not possible” to students, they would ask a different question such as “well, what are you prepared to do to make this happen?” As a result, not only did they have more,  but they believed they could have, be and do whatever it is they desired.

Now… before you get up in arms and start throwing funding statistics at me about the differences in public and private resourcing, my point here is not who has more funding but about the mind set we are role modelling to our students. Even if public education does not have the same resources as private education, does that mean they can’t have, do and be their best? Does that mean that their dreams cannot come true? As an educator don’t we want to teach our students to believe in themselves and others and what is possible? For this reason it is imperative that we as educators be mindful of the hidden messages we are sending our students. The task here is not to compare what we have to what others have but ask ourselves, what can i do with what i have, what else is possible and what options are available for me to achieve that possibility.

Next time someone asks you to have, do or be something, ask a question that empowers that person to take responsibility for achieving their own desires. Ask them;
What will this give you if you get it?
How will this contribute to you as a person?
What options are available to you?
Who could help you?
Who has achieved what you want? What did they do to get it?
What are the barriers and what could you do to overcome them?
How will having this contribute to others?

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