Practical Strategies for managing teacher stress & wellbeing

Holidays are finished, are you ready to hit the ground running? 

We all know the start of a term can be crazy where we go from a state of relaxation and bliss to chaos in the space of minutes. From decisions related to teaching, reporting and planning, to managing relationship with students, parents and colleagues, we feel pulled in many directions. In the holidays we had to time to think, restore, connect, exercise and meditate. We would love to continue these healthy habits, but we know we probably wont have time.

We have all been there before where we think to our self  ‘This term will be different’. Our intention is good and we are committed to being happier and healthier for both ourselves and our students, but HOW can we live this realistically?

The bottom line, is, if we keep doing what we have always done, we will keep getting what we’ve always got. If we want our experiences to be different, we must have a sound plan with realistic strategies that are easy to follow through and implement. They also need to be fun and energizing. Teacher wellbeing habits are not something to add to our workload, but need to be restorative and life giving.

Some simple strategies you could choose include;

  • Tracking the good stuff that happens in a day with a gratitude journal
  • Practicing mindful moments throughout the day
  • Taking a moment to have a cup of tea or coffee with a colleague
  • Being fully present when teaching in the classroom
  • Sharing successful teaching strategies with a colleague
  • Keeping a photo on your desk of a happy memory
  • Place a reminder in your day book that connects you to your purpose as an educator
  • Walk between staff rooms instead of sending an email to both connect on a personal level and increase your physical wellbeing


The bottom line is, it doesn’t matter what we do, but we must have a plan. We must set an intention for how we would like the coming term to be and support this with practical strategies that make us feel good.


1. What is your wellbeing intention for the term, how would you like it to be?

2. What are two strategies you will commit to as a way of building positive wellbeing habits at work?

For more suggestions and resources, you can check out these great books;

Or get your own downloadable resources to build a wellbeing plan for yourself or your whole school

These include;

Daniela Falecki
Director Teacher Wellbeing


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