By setting goals, reflecting and sharing, we become better educators for our students


Benefits of Coaching Packages


Coaching is the fastest growing industry in the world today, Why? Because it works, it gets measurable results and people feel more satisfied in themselves and their life. Coaching offers impartial, independent, confidential support for the many challenges you face in life and work.

All coaching programs are flexible and can be done face to face, Skype or email in either 3, 6 or 10 session blocks. Each session is approx 1hr where YOU lead the way. As the coach I am there to guide, mentor and help you uncover your strengths, your talents and possibilities. We have designed the programs to be as time efficient as possible. Choose the program that best suits your needs

Clients who take on a coach report feeling….

  • clearer about their direction, 
  • less stressed at home, 
  • happier at work, 
  • able to form better relationships with teens, 
  • less panicked when it comes to reporting and 
  • grateful for finding their passion again.


Sir John Whitmore (a leader in the field of coaching defines it as….

“Unlocking peoples potential to maximise their own performance….. Its helping them to learn rather than teaching them.” (2012)

As a certified Coach and  NLP practitioner (Neuro Linguistics Programming), and my 20 years teaching experience in both state and independent schools, I have much to share with you.


Centre for the use of research & evidence in education, UK, 2005…

“Learning to be a coach is one of the most effective ways of enabling teachers and leaders to become good and excellent practitioners.”

Common areas people address in coaching are;

  • developing direction with career goals
  • managing difficult staff at work
  • delegating and empowering other staff
  • managing their own emotions in and out of work
  • wanting greater work-life balance
  • questioning their role and general life direction
  • feel frustrated and stuck with what to do next
  • wanting greater life satisfaction in general



Teacher Coaching Program

Develop a Team of Champions

A 10 week group coaching program


What is a Teacher Coaching Program?

One-off professional development doesn’t work.

Teachers need ongoing support and ongoing training to make real change.

The Teacher Wellbeing Coaching Program is designed to meet this by providing small group coaching over a period of 1-2 terms that addresses both emotional and professionally needs.

Building sustainable and lasting change in schools requires a whole school approach

A whole school approach begins with a team of champions who role model, plan and implement strategies in Positive Education


How can this coaching program support teachers?

People turn to coaching for many reasons. In an education context it may be to plan a career path, reflect on pedagogy, better manage time and resources, establish professional networks, manage conflict, develop leadership skills or simply restore their own energy.

Regardless of what a person’s individual goals are, all group sessions involve fun, educational activities with a foundation in Positive Psychology. This means we look at the research, we explore concepts and we learn specific coaching tools. People then decide which tools best resonate for them and how to apply them in achieving their goals.

Using an action research model, the program supports planning, strategy, reflection and inclusivity so all members of the school community have an opportunity to be involved.


Program details  
Program length? 10 weeks
Who can be involved? Anyone at the school can be involved
How many can be involved? 5-15 people at a time
How often do we meet? We meet as a group 3 times for 90min (every 3 weeks)
When do meetings occur? 3.30 – 5.00pm at your school
What about individual meetings? Included in the program is a 30min 1-1 coaching session for each person
How much is the program? This depends on the amount of people involved in the program and ranges from $550 per person
How do I get involved? Simply contact Daniela Falecki on 0410 685764


Download Brochure  Teacher Wellbeing Group Coaching Program

“Daniela has taught me to challenge pre-existing thoughts, fears and perceived stumbling blocks, assisting me to become a stronger and more thoughtful leader and greatly increasing my self-belief and confidence. It is incredible to reflect on the remarkable shift of thought and attitude that Daniela has invoked and I could not be more grateful to have her guidance and support. Daniela’s knowledge, patience, dedication and passion for coaching are invaluable to me both personally and professionally also having increased our turnover by 500% in 12 months.”
Annabelle ChauncySchool For Life Founder 


“I have had the pleasure of knowing Daniela for a number of years as a client, colleague and friend. Her dedication to the wellbeing of those around her is testimony to how many of us now choose our work/life balance with a greater emphasis on BALANCE!
Daniela intuitive nature enables her to provide relevant practical advice that is simple to implement into our daily lives. Teacher well-being is a service that is long overdue and one which would have assisted me in coping more positively in the later end of my career!
Her easy to navigate website enables access for so many teachers for whom the benefits of Daniela’s advice, skills, humour and enthusiasm for change will be immeasurable. Thank you Daniela for your caring nature and your immense energy for giving.”
Rosemary Cornick (experienced teacher, now at Peer Support foundation)


“I had been searching for an outstanding coach for a long time so was very hopeful when I found Daniela. My high expectations have been exceeded again and again as Daniela nudges and encourages me to stay balanced and focussed while juggling the demands of being a Teaching Principal, father, husband and business owner. Daniela’s knowledge and passion for positive psychology keeps her on the cutting edge of wellbeing developments so I don’t have to. Daniela is a world class coach and I am thankful I found her! ”
Sean Firth (Acting Principal, Milyakburra School, Northern Territory)


Prices vary  depending on the type of coaching program that best suits you.

Send me an email to get a pricing guide.  

Contact Daniela to find out more on 0410 685 764


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When we have a better understanding of ourselves including our professional knowledge, we become better educators for our students