“You wander from room to room hunting for the diamond necklace that is already around your neck.”

We have all sat through the lecture style guest presenter on staff development days only to be vaguely listening as we write up our to-do lists. Thankfully, those days are changing. Not saying that the information and strategies aren’t useful, its juts, who has the time to implement them?

Dr Jim Knight is a leader in the field of teacher professional development and in his book “Instructional Coaching”, he says the days of one-off presentations are over. His research points towards more a mentor style of professional development where teachers work in collaborative partnerships to build positive dialogue, centered in best practice. Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology is proving to provide an excellent framework to address teacher stress and better manage wellbeing. The outcome of this of course, is that energized teachersTeacher wellbeing make for better educators which translates to better results for students.

For this reason, while I offer lecture-style presentations, I also offer, specific coaching programs with the aim of providing needs based tools that address individual concerns, challenges and goals.


Download – Teacher Wellbeing Package 2016




1. Teachers Matter – Student Wellbeing begins with Teacher Wellbeing


Teaching is both stressful and rewarding, yet sometimes it just feels like we are running in circles. The meetings are endless, admin requirements increasing and student needs demanding. If the system won’t change, how can we find our way through the maze to engage, inspire and connect with students for effective learning?

Positive Psychology has emerged to provide the research and tools to apply evidence-based strategies both in and out of the classroom. Martin Seligman has been working with Australian schools to lead the way in embedding Positive Psychology in education known as Pos Ed.

In this program we; IMG_7674
• Discuss the research identifying the global stressors for teachers and the impact these have on their health.
• Use research from HeartMath to explain the link between thoughts, feelings and physiology.
• Practice evidence-based mindfulness techniques to help reframe perspectives.
• Explore the science of wellbeing through Seligman’s five pillars known as PERMA.
• Identify simple and effective strategies to use within each pillar, none of which require more time, funding or a committee meeting.
• Teachers will leave this workshop with their own wellbeing plan as well as ideas that are easily transferable to the classroom.

“Daniela is a fantastic, proactive presenter who had my 100% attention the full day. She helped me acknowledge my potential as a leader, giving me skills to have better conversations with others.” Carole Smith, Lansvale Public School, NSW

2. The Power of Praise – Growth Mindset for Wellbeing


Did you know that new science in the field of neuroplasticity tells us the brain is a muscle and intelligence can grow? Not only can students learn to develop persistence and resilience, but teachers can directly influence mindset through the language they use. How we structure learning and the type of praise we give can be crucial to helping students succeed.

In this program we; IMG_1937
• Discuss the research of Carol Dweck and the implications for teachers on mindset
• Identify the language of fixed and growth mindset with classroom examples
• Practice ways to reframe mindset using a coach- approach to questioning & feedback
• Reflect on our own mindset in the context of self-care and supporting wellbeing
• Draw specific links between having growth mindset and the impact on wellbeing

“Loved it – a dynamic session with a good balance of activities and talking. The templates were great and I will certainly be using them with my students – thank you.” Beth Roberts, Radford College, ACT

3. Moving from Good to Great – Reflecting with Coaching Psychology


As educators we are always learning, in fact great teachers are those who are able to reflect on their practice and identify, explain and model new and improved strategies to engage students (Leithwood, 2007). AITSL agrees that coaching psychology offers teachers valuable tools to mentor new scheme teachers or support experienced teachers as they grow into leadership positions. Either way, coaching psychology is a simple and effective, evidence based way to address teaching standards, develop professional practice and achieve personal satisfaction on the teaching journey.

In this workshop we; employee mentoring
• Explain the difference between coaching and mentoring
• Explore current research and trends showing the benefits of coaching in education
• Experience the power of effective questioning and how to give constructive feedback
• Practice using specific coaching models that are simple and effective to use with peers or students
• Identify how using a coach-approach links with character strength development and wellbeing

“It was so great to have PD that was helpful to us as teachers that we can actually apply in the classroom. Thanks so much.” Annelise Alloway, Springfield Anglican College, QLD


4. From Surviving to Thriving – Building a Teacher Wellbeing Policy


As teachers we are well versed on planning curriculum for students and measure outcomes, but what about a curriculum that supports teachers? The one-off staff development day doesn’t work and the Friday drinks debrief is simply not enough. Research continues to indicate that teachers need ongoing support and structured frameworks to improve both pedagogy and wellbeing (LeCornu, 2008, Hudson, 2007, Knight, 2012). Given teachers are often time-poor and burnout is ever increasing, it is essential that school executives employ a whole-school initiative to support teacher’s longevity and sustainability.

In this THRIVE program, we work with school executive to build a teacher wellbeing policy that integrates what already works well, with evidence based strategies to strengthen this further. valued at work

Strategies to THRIVE include;
T – Time – Understand the difference between mental time, emotional time and ‘doing’ time
H – Heart – Reconnect to what you love, your character strengths and mindfulness training
R – Relationships – Establish support networks and opportunities for debriefing the day
I – Insight into pedagogy – Learn coaching skills to mentor other staff or simply reflect on your own skills
V – Vision – Promote solution focused thinking with goal setting and strategies to achieve these goals
E – Emotional Management – Build strategies in mindfulness to promote emotional intelligence & stress management

“Daniela, you were fantastic. Considering it was the last day of the year, I found this session both enjoyable and helpful.” Lena Hollows, Beverly Hills North Public, NSW

• All programs can be delivered in 1.5hrs or over a full day
• We recommend beginning with program 1, then build teacher knowledge in the subsequent workshops
• Alternatively, programs can be tailor made to suit the needs of your school

1 on 1 Coaching programs


All professional athletes have coaches, now all professional business people have coaches, It how people go from good to great. It is not therapy or counseling, but a way to get an outside perspective on the strategies you are using in your life. Coaching is based on strategy and results. We have several programs, all come with a money back guarantee. We have designed the programs to be as time efficient as possible. Choose the program that best suits your needs.

“I’ve had the pleasure to be one of Daniela’s coaching students and her insightful, knowledgeable and vibrant lecturing style left me sitting in awe. Her open and direct style was balanced with warmth, understanding and professionalism. Daniela has, for me, role modelled the coach I aspire to be. Thank you.” Sarina Macklin, ICWC Coach, QLD








Intro 1.5hr coaching session + Charcater Strengths profile

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Ongoing email support


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3 x 1hr coaching sessions


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3 x 1hr additonal coaching sessions





“Daniela has taught me to challenge pre-existing thoughts, fears and perceived stumbling blocks, assisting me to become a stronger and more thoughtful leader and greatly increasing my self-belief and confidence. It is incredible to reflect on the remarkable shift of thought and attitude that Daniela has invoked and I could not be more grateful to have her guidance and support. Daniela’s knowledge, patience, dedication and passion for coaching are invaluable to me both personally and professionally also having increased our turnover by 500% in 12 months.”  Annabelle Chauncy, School For Life Founder 


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Experiences others have had from coaching with Daniela ……


“Working with Daniela is best described in one word: INSPIRING!! Daniela’s got so much to give & a beautiful tool-belt to choose from – there’s an arsenal of knowledge and intuition – a perfect combination if you want to grow. And growth is what you can expect once you meet this woman – a perfect choice, very talented, lots of heart & laughter & emission… Love her group activities, an absolute forte! I can strongly recommend working with Daniela, she’s extremely flexible in her approach, very clear on her outcome & super focused”
Marie Alessi (Muse Coaching)

“Daniela is an inspiring and heartfelt coach and leader. I have had the pleasure of undertaking courses with her and working under Daniela’s lead at numerous personal development events and she never stops amazing me with her leadership style and ability to link fun activities with experiential learning. She’s been a fantastic mentor to me and I continually learn more with every interaction, catch up and conversation we have. I recommend Daniela to anyone wanting to take their self mastery to the next shining level!”
Patch Nosavan (Pattra Performance)

“As a Paralympian I am well aware of challenges and how to overcome them, however working with Daniela has given me a new found confidence I didn’t know I had. The last 6 months has seen me grow my own business with rapid results, now speaking and inspiring young people all across Australia. Daniela’s guidance and wisdom has been invaluable.
Curtis Palmer, Motivational Speaker & Paralympian

“Daniela has such a wonderful energy and her guidance and support have been instrumental in my many successes. She has an amazing understanding of people and how to inspire them.”
Christina Curry, Lecturer University of Western Sydney

“Daniela is an engaging and informed educator. The coaching we received from her equipped us with practical tools and strategies, which proved more useful than anything else we had tried – Highly recommended.”
Anna Bowden, Parent of two teens