Coaching and Consulting

Teachers and school executives often want to improve their wellbeing programs, including that of staff and student wellbeing but often feel overwhelmed with where to start. Given the busy nature of schools and teachers sometimes operating as silos, it is important that schools be more strategic in developing a whole school approach to wellbeing. This is where coaching and consulting can come in.

Coaching is the fastest growing industry in the world today, Why? Because it works. It gets measurable results and people feel more satisfied in themselves and their life. Coaching offers impartial, independent, confidential support for the many challenges leaders face in a school. Consulting offers expert advice about best -practice based on both research and what works in other schools.

Coaching packages vary based on school or individual needs and typically follow an Appreciative Inquiry approach where we;

  • DISCOVER what is already working well with wellbeing at school including individual strengths of staff
  • DREAM a vision of wellbeing that relates to the schools mission & values 
  • DESIGN and plan for improvements based on what the evidence says 
  • DELIVER actions that are measurable and reflected upon in an action research model of development 

Packages include;

Group consulting to build whole-school wellbeing

  • 3hr face to face workshop to identify goals, challenges and direction
  • 5 x 1hr skype monthly sessions with 1-3 people (Eg, Heads of Wellbeing)
  • ongoing email support
  • resources and readings
  • flexible time frame (10 month completion)

Individual coaching for personal or professional growth

  • 1 person 
  • 5 x 1hr monthly skype sessions 
  • flexible time frame (8 month completion)

For more information or prices for coaching and consulting, please contact us

“I had been searching for an outstanding coach for a long time so was very hopeful when I found Daniela. My high expectations have been exceeded again and again as Daniela nudges and encourages me to stay balanced and focussed while juggling the demands of being a Teaching Principal, father, husband and business owner. Daniela’s knowledge and passion for positive psychology keeps her on the cutting edge of wellbeing developments so I don’t have to. Daniela is a world class coach and I am thankful I found her! ”
Sean Firth
(Acting Principal, Milyakburra School, Northern Territory)
“Daniela has taught me to challenge pre-existing thoughts, fears and perceived stumbling blocks, assisting me to become a stronger and more thoughtful leader and greatly increasing my self-belief and confidence. It is incredible to reflect on the remarkable shift of thought and attitude that Daniela has invoked and I could not be more grateful to have her guidance and support. Daniela’s knowledge, patience, dedication and passion for coaching are invaluable to me both personally and professionally also having increased our turnover by 500% in 12 months.”
Annabelle Chauncy
School For Life Founder 
“I have had the pleasure of knowing Daniela for a number of years as a client, colleague and friend. Her dedication to the wellbeing of those around her is testimony to how many of us now choose our work/life balance with a greater emphasis on BALANCE! Daniela intuitive nature enables her to provide relevant practical advice that is simple to implement into our daily lives. Teacher well-being is a service that is long overdue and one which would have assisted me in coping more positively in the later end of my career! Her easy to navigate website enables access for so many teachers for whom the benefits of Daniela’s advice, skills, humour and enthusiasm for change will be immeasurable. Thank you Daniela for your caring nature and your immense energy for giving.”
Rosemary Cornick
(experienced teacher, now at Peer Support foundation)