The Staff Wellbeing Toolkit

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This toolkit gives you and your staff continual support for personal wellbeing habits to become embedded into daily work-life practices.

This toolkit comprises of:

  • 3 x 3 hr twilight sessions, typically one each term,
  • Membership access to the teacher wellbeing website that has additional resources for staff to red, do and reflect on. As well as activities and research articles for staff to use or discuss in the staffroom.
  • Each of these 3 hr sessions is NESA approved.
  • The school contact person for the program also has 3 x 40min consulting session to create a vision, plan and reflection of the progress of staff wellbeing throughout the program.

The session topics are listed below:

Session 1

“Teacher Wellbeing” – the 5 foundations of teacher wellbeing including an introduction to Positive Psychology and the PERMA Model of wellbeing

Session  2

“Embedding Growth Mindsets” – Understanding our own mindset and embedding the language of growth mindset in the classroom. This includes how we can build teacher collect efficacy.

Session  3

“Peer Coaching” – Reflecting on our purpose and progress. Setting personal and professional goals for effective performance & development plans that link to classroom practice and teaching standards.

For more information or to inquiry about the price of the program, please email us through the Contact section of the website.