What We Do

We empower teachers with  skills to transform how they think and feel as educators.

Through Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology we enhance wellbeing literacy and

contribute to the collective efficacy of teachers within schools. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to see schools across Australia and internationally integrate wellbeing strategies for teachers alongside student wellbeing strategies. We see teachers having the skills and resources needed to support their own wellbeing so they can authentically model and teach wellbeing to students.

Our Mission

To provide schools with high quality professional development resources that support the wellbeing of teachers.  This includes engaging seminars, meaningful online courses, whole-school approaches to wellbeing and teaching resources. With regular and ongoing support for teachers, schools are able to effectively embed wellbeing strategies for teachers, just as well as they do for students.

Our four key aims;

  • To empower individuals to be proactive in how they think, feel and act in supporting their wellbeing
  • To teach individuals skills to manage wellbeing, adapt to change and reflect with a solution-focussed lens.
  • To enable professional communities to actively use wellbeing literacy as a form of personal reflection as well as collaboratively supporting the health and wellbeing of colleagues.
  • To enhance staff engagement and connection as a contributor to improved student outcomes.