Teacher Wellbeing Cards

Teacher Wellbeing Cards


Do something for yourself for a change

As teachers we are usually so busy looking after others we forget to look after ourselves. These 52 cards, give you simply daily reminders to help you better support your wellbeing. You can use them in staff meetings to build positive conversations or have them on your desk as little pieces of advice to help you through the day.

What are Teacher Wellbeing cards?

We all know that time is a precious commodity as a teacher. Sometimes it is the simple things we know but, given the busyness, we forget. Why wait for the annual professional development to be reminded, when you can have a deck of cards on your desk to help you every day?

This innovative deck of cards gives you 52 reminders to prioritise your own wellbeing without taking any time out of your day. Each card has an evidence-based action to focus on, followed by a supporting quote. This includes simple yet effective tools from the field of Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology to help you be your best possible self for students.

How to use your Teacher Wellbeing cards

  1. Pick a card at the start of the day and set this as your focus or intention. Place it on the desk as a reminder so you can look at it throughout the day. How did you go?
  2. Pick a card, take action and afterwards share with another staff member your experience. How did it feel? What did you learn about yourself? Play with it and have fun, it’s not a test.
  3. During a faculty meeting, each person can pick a card and set a goal for how they could apply this concept in the week ahead. Encourage reflection of how this went in the following faculty meeting.
  4. During a faculty meeting, each person picks a card and plans how they could apply this concept to an upcoming activity they are doing with their class. Reflect afterwards.
  5. During a welfare-pastoral care meeting, each person picks a card and offers a suggestion of how they could grow or share this concept with other staff or students.


The goal here is not perfection by following the cards precisely, but experiencing strategies for how we can restore and recharge our own wellbeing. The cards are not intended to add to your workload, but simply remind you that you matter. This means taking a few conscious moments to breathe, think and recognise that student wellbeing begins with teacher wellbeing.