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Online learning for teachers offers a great way to work at your own pace in your own time.

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All courses are designed to be self-paced so you can complete them at a time that is convenient for you.

Courses are managed through  Teacher Training Australia, including all NESA accreditation. People can enrol as individuals or through school subscriptions.

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1. A Teacher Wellbeing Toolkit (6hrs)


  • The importance of teacher wellbeing
  • Acknowledge stressors & challenges
  • Unpack the science of wellbeing with Positive Psychology
  • Explore the science of emotions and our responses
  • The role of mindfulness in the busy school day
  • The need to track the good stuff
  • Identifying strengths and how to use them at work
  • Develop your personal wellbeing plan

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What others have said about this course;

“The Teacher Wellbeing course is very relevant with interesting information. The questions and resources are very well thought through and the course content was excellent”

“Great course! I have picked up many good things through doing this course and the content and presentation was excellent! The gratitude stuff was my favourite part 😊”

“Very relevant and high-quality content. Extremely well presented and helped keep me on track and engaged. I loved the variety of activities including text, videos, quizzes and links to online resources to read and complete.”

“Daniela as the presenter is very realistic and knowledgeable and offered reassuring advice during this difficult time. She was reliable and frank and I found the course practical and realistic and was very relevant”


2. Mentoring Made Easy (6hrs)


  • Mentoring in education myths and facts
  • The role of a mentor and common challenges
  • Creating a culture of trust and building rapport
  • Learn personality types to understand strengths and differences
  • The art of questioning (solution-focused approaches)
  • Explore Coaching Psychology for evidence-based practices
  • Practice using a coach-approach to mentoring
  • Planning your mentoring program

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What others have said about this course;

“I found this course extremely relevant to classroom teaching and the delivery of the material was clear and concise. All activities were engaging and relevant and the presenter was excellent. For me, the highlights were the art of questioning and coaching in education.”

“This course was exactly tailored to the future steps I want to take for my career. The presentation and course content were fantastic, and the resources were excellent! I am going to use what I have learned from the course to mentor others.”

“The course was incredibly helpful and there was a good balance of text and diagrams. The presenter was excellent and there were some very interesting perspectives demonstrated which I will take away with me.”

“Excellent resources and clear communication, which was great. The activities were very relevant, and they consolidated what was learned during the course of the day.”


3. Coaching & Mentor Training for Teachers (5hrs)


  • The similarities and differences between mentoring and coaching
  • Skills to build trust and rapport
  • The place of coaching in education – where, why and how
  • Evidence and research to draw from when planning your mentoring program
  • Practical coaching strategies to use with self or others as a reflection tool
  • Explore through practice various coaching tools and frameworks
  • Develop your own mentoring plan that is specific to your needs and circumstances.

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What others have said about this course;

“The content and relevance of the course content was excellent. I loved the activities and found the presenter to be very engaging, what a great day”

“I found this course very interactive and packed with great resources! The activities serve to remind me what I had just read and offered some practical ideas of implementation. Well-presented and great content”

“This course was excellent, I gained so much from participating. The course content provided ideas for the relevant skills and strategies described in the course outline and surpassed my expectation.”

“The activities were thought provoking and I did significant reflection on my own practice. It was great learning new strategies that relate to my schools context – One size doesn’t fit all. Most meaningful was learning I am not a solution provider, but someone who is there to guide people on their own journeys.”


4. First Aid for Teacher Wellbeing “Deep Dive” (5hrs)

Teaching is tough enough let alone through a global pandemic.

As educators, we have all done hours of First Aid Training in how to respond to critical incidents at school. In this course, we use the DRABC acronym to learn practical strategies to act as first responders to our own wellbeing.

The modules include;
D – Divergent Thinking
R – Rest your mind
A – Awareness of self
B – Believe you are enough
C – Celebrate daily

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