Teacher Professional Development Building Collective Teacher Efficacy

Positive Education, Coaching Psychology, Growth Mindsets & Mental Toughness

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Practical strategies to reduce teacher stress and build teacher capacity, resilience and wellbeing

Student wellbeing begins with teacher wellbeing

As a teacher for more than 20 years I know exactly what it is like to run like a headless chook for 10 weeks only to end up with the flu in the holidays. In those 10 weeks of term, I remember feeling like I was hitting my head against a brick wall as I repeated the same conversation daily with students, covered for teachers, nodded my head politely to parents and juggled meetings with endless admin. The truth is I was exhausted.

I loved teaching and I loved seeing students thrive, yet I was drowning. My health was suffering, my relationships failed and my life became one sided with work, work and more work.

As a result, I made it my mission to find a better way. Teacher Wellbeing is that way. It consists of evidence-based strategies and resources designed to help us as teachers;

  • Build healthy habits
  • Have more energy and vitality at work
  • Maintain better work-life balance
  • Feel valued and purposeful
  • Form positive connections with others
  • Set and achieve authentic goals
  • Grow through positive reflection
  • Validate each other’s strengths
  • Model wellbeing for young people

All for the purpose of improving our professional practice, supporting teacher collective efficacy and being better teachers for our students.

What Others Have Said

“BEST PD EVER in my career! Finally someone who knows what teaching is really like and gives practical strategies that we can use.”
Glenn Beckett, Rouse Hill Anglican College
“An excellent, engaging presentation that makes you think about yourself as well as the application with students. I have lots to try with my classes, thank you”
Hilton Whitehorne , Springfield Anglican College
“What a great presentation. In a few short moments, Daniela helped me manage my stress by not taking it all so personally.”
Angela Peconicic, Bonnyrigg Heights Public School
“Daniela is a fantastic, proactive presenter who had my 100% attention the full day. She helped me acknowledge my potential as a leader, giving me skills to have better conversations with others.”
Carole Smith, Lansvale Public School, NSW
“Daniela, you were fantastic. Considering it was the last day of the year, I found this session both enjoyable and helpful.”
Lena Hollows, Beverly Hills North Public, NSW

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