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Because Teachers Matter! Happy teachers make better educators for our students

TEACHERS – They work short hours, get great holidays and play games with kids all day, how hard can it be?

If I had a $1 for every time I heard this I would be rich. However, if I hear it one more time, I am likely to scream. The point is, teaching is one of those jobs that you just don’t understand unless you do it. Yes, it can be rewarding and boy can it be challenging with demands on your time, energy and emotions as well.

If we don’t have specific strategies to better manage our TIME and ENERGY, we leave ourselves at risk of burnout and exhaustion.


TEACHER WELLBEING offers you the tools to be a BETTER LEADER of others and a QUALITY EDUCATOR in the classroom.


As an experienced & passionate educator having worked with thousands of people across Australia in all forms of education, I know IMG_7674 what it is like to repeat the same conversations with students each day, manage individual staff needs each week, and deal with challenging parents, not to mention the endless admin as well. It would seem like the “to-do” list never ended.

From public schools, to private schools, Steiner schools, universities, colleges & working in outdoor education, I have seen and heard it all…. the stories are much the same. The one constant I see is high teacher demands resulting in poor teacher wellbeing.

How do I know this? After 20 years of teaching I have had my share of burnout and exhaustion too. Thankfully things are different now. While I am busier than I have ever been before with my teaching, ie lecturing, presenting workshops, coaching, consulting and writing, I now have a better understanding my own wellbeing and share these tools with you here as Teacher Wellbeing.

Through my own experiences of success and challenges I have come to understand the relationship between our hearts and minds.

I have learnt how to maintain my own passion while setting energy boundaries with others. I now show others how to lead with confidence but not at the detriment of themselves.

It’s been 7 years since I created Adolescent Toolbox with the vision of helping schools be a positive place to thrive. As a certified coach & NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) practitioner, I wrote strengths based programs and worked with clients to set goals, improve communication with others, manage their own perceptions and self talk, as well as inspire an attitude of possibility.

These are still the foundations of Teacher Wellbeing however, it is my belief that teachers deserve the same time and energy they give to others, back to them. It is time now to make time, restore energy and give back our teachers. Without flourishing teachers, we cannot have flourishing students

Before we go, let me remind you of some TRUTHS;

  • Do you really know how amazing and powerful your role is? happiness-at-work
  • Do you know just how many hearts, futures and careers you have influenced?
  • Do you realise you may be the most significant person in someones else’s life?
  • Do you know that you will be remembered by many for the rest of their lives?
  • Do you know you are valued, appreciated and respected even if it doesn’t feel like it at times?

If you don’t know, then I’m here to remind you…. because YOU MATTER!


happiness 7

Who are we?

profile-pic-sml Hi, I’m Daniela Falecki, as a teacher for more that 20 years I know all to well the stress, frustrations and the endless ‘to-do’ lists that can drain your energy.

Thankfully I have found that there is another way, a better way and I am sharing these tools with you. From managing students to dealing with parents and of course, trying to maintain professional with other colleagues when you just want to pull your hair out, I’ve seen it all. As teachers we give so much to others but sometimes forget to give back to ourselves.

Here at Teacher Wellbeing we offer resources and research in positive psychology, coaching psychology, educational psychology and more. Join our community today.

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What we do

What you already know;

  • Teacher stress is high
  • Student learning is increasingly complex
  • Society is expecting more and more from education
  • Teachers are tired, frustrated and burnout

With teacher wellbeing you learn strategies to;

  • Restore your energy
  • Lead with influence
  • Work to your strengths
  • Acknowledge and accept your gifts
  • Better manage the whingers and bludgers
  • Be the best role model and leader you can be
  • Create more time for yourself and those important to you
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