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Teachers across Australia have labelled me the Keep-it-real Teach because I am passionate, energetic, inspiring, funny and realistic are all words used to describe me.


As a teacher for more than 20 years I know exactly what it is like to run like a headless chook for 10 weeks only to end up with the flu in the holidays. In those 10 weeks of term, every term, I remember feeling like I was hitting my head against a brick wall as I repeated the same conversation day in and day out with students, covered for teachers who were known to be the bludgers, protected myself from the ones who were the blamers and tried to maintain my own enthusiasm as I juggled meetings, parents and the endless admin. The truth is I was exhausted.

I wanted to share so much with students, to help them reach their potential, show them their own greatness and inspire them to live their dreams, yet I was drowning. My health was suffering, my relationships failed and I my life became one sided with work, work and more work.

As a result, I left teaching and embarked on a journey to find a better way.

The resources I have here are a small collection of what I have learnt. After 1000’s of hours and nearly $50,000 in courses, I am pleased to say that there is actually another way, a better way, an easier way. Simple strategies where you can actually have it all, balance it all and feel more satisfied in the contributions you are making with students and your life as whole.


While it might sounds ‘nerdy’, I have a true passion for learning, in fact one of my top 5 VIA character strengths is “love of learning”. Another one is “leadership” which is why I love to share my learnings with others and inspire them in achieving their goals. My third strength is “perspective”, which helps me see things from all angles so I can give you insights into possibility through coaching. All in all, I love sharing knowledge and helping teachers be the best they can be for their students.

I have always been a passionate educator and with more than 20 years experience in both Government & Independent schools in Australia (mainly NSW), and experience in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions, I have a lot of stories to share. In fact, being voted Lecturer of the Year by pre-service teachers in 2014 was certainly a shock. It is great to know that I am practicing what I preach – passion, engagement, learning and wellbeing.

Of course, I also have a team of people who support me and the vision of teacher wellbeing, and we look forward to supporting you and your school also.

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Daniela’s Bio Specifics


Daniela Falecki, B.Ed (Physical Ed & Health), M.Ed (Leadership), is a passionate educator with over twenty years’ experience across primary, secondary and tertiary sectors of education. Daniela has experience in both government and independent schools, and has seen first-hand the challenges teachers face. Daniela is committed to providing teachers with evidence-based strategies for optimal functioning through consulting, coaching and training.

Daniela holds a Masters in Education (Leadership) from Western Sydney university, a Bachelor of Education from the University of Wollongong, a Certificate in Rudolf Steiner Education from Parsifal College and is a certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. Daniela is a Senior Associate for the Positivity Institute with Dr Suzy Green and a member of the International Coach Federation and International Positive Psychology Association. Daniela also currently lectures at Western Sydney University in Educational Psychology, Pedagogy and Wellbeing. In 2014 Daniela was placed in the top 3 for “Lecturer of the Year” as rated by students for her engaging style.

As an educator Daniela has specialized in the area of pastoral care and mentoring in her roles as Year Advisor, beginner teacher mentor, Head Teacher, Curriculum advisor for NSW Department of Education and Communities as well as the Association of Independent Schools (AIS). Daniela also operated as the NSW Manager for a National Outdoor Education company (OEG), where she liaised with the top 10 private schools in Sydney to deliver high quality programs specialising in leadership, resilience and relationships for both staff and students.

Daniela continues to work across all sectors of education including the development of BOSTES accredited online mentoring programs for teachers that embed Coaching Psychology and Positive Psychology within education. This includes programs written for the University of Sydney and Western Sydney University in the areas of early career teachers, supervising teachers of pre-service teachers, university advisors and indigenous teachers.

Daniela is also a sought after speaker at schools and conferences across Australia known as the “Keep-it-Real Teacher”. Daniela’s style is often described as highly motivating, inspiring, engaging, practical, and most of all realistic for teachers in today’s dynamic environment.

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