Coaching & Consulting

We help school leaders merge the latest research from positive psychology, appreciative inquiry, and systems change into practical actions that empower teachers and whole school communities.

Wellbeing conversations are at the forefront of conversations in schools but HOW can school leaders create transformative change and WHERE do they start?


Teachers and school executives often want to improve their wellbeing programs, including that of staff and student wellbeing but often feel overwhelmed with where to start. Given the busy nature of schools and teachers sometimes operating as silos, it is important that schools be more strategic in developing a whole school approach to wellbeing. Let us make it easier for you with a structured process that acknowledges the realities of change.

We offer;

  • impartial, independent, confidential support for leaders as they drive change.
  • expert advice about best-practice based on both research and what works in other schools.
  • frameworks and processes for inquiry, reflection, measurement and celebration.
  • The foundation of our consulting lies in Appreciative Inquiry;

what is already working well with wellbeing at school including individual strengths of staff

a vision of wellbeing that relates to the schools mission & values


and plan for improvements based on what the evidence says


actions that are measurable and reflected upon in an action research model of development

Coaching Packages

1. Driving Wellbeing - A Roadmap for a Staff Wellbeing Strategy

This package includes;

  • A 60min ‘Needs Analysis Assessment’ with the Heads of Wellbeing to identify goals, challenges, what is working well and future vision
  • Personal monthly support with 6 x 45min monthly zoom sessions for those involved in the program.
  • Track the wellbeing of staff
  • Engage with ‘teacher-voice’
  • Use the 6E’s Roadmap to drive wellbeing – each sign post guides the journey
  • Strategic support with evidence-based frameworks for embedding wellbeing
  • Operational support with links to readings & resources relevant to your needs
  • Ongoing email support
  • Flexible time frame to complete within 12months


  • Principals
  • Deputy Principals
  • Heads of wellbeing
  • Assistant principals
  • (1-3 people)
“Working with Daniela as a personal and professional coach has been a wonderful experience. I have been able to recalibrate my thoughts and actions as an impact of our 1:1 sessions, resulting in more effective outcomes in my leadership. The coaching has been "professionally nourishing." By talking through current situations, braining storming options, the provision of resources and access to relevant readings, I have been re-energised, more strategic and therefore responsive to staff, students and parents."
Pamela Ladd
(Principal, Arncliffe Public School, NSW)

2. Inspiring Leadership - Move from Confused to Confident

This package is for school leaders wanting to empower their staff with the principles of transformative leadership. Through personal reflection and awareness, school leaders grow in authenticity and effectiveness. The principles explored in this program are based on those from Bass (1985) and Leithwood (1992) who applied these to Educational leadership.

This package includes;

  • 2 day leadership program (4 weeks apart)
  • Activities between training
  • A Character Strengths profile
  • Email support and resources
  • Strategic support with links to a ‘passion map’ and ‘values’
  • Operational support with cheat sheets and frameworks to follow
  • Readings and resources relevant to your needs
  • Flexible time frame to complete within 10 months
“It’s been a fantastic opportunity working 1:1 with Daniela Falecki. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to engage in coaching sessions with Daniela which were a follow up to staff PD. The sessions were a great in assisting with school implementation of teacher wellbeing.”
Michelle Coupland
Pastoral Care Coordinator, John The Baptist Catholic Primary School, NSW