Thrive Book

BOOK - "Thrive - Practical Strategies to Nourish Teacher Wellbeing"
By Daniela Falecki

We enter the profession to help young people grow and learn, but find ourselves in a system that values compliance over individuality. Our days are spent supporting others, leaving us little time to rest and reflect. We nurture the wellbeing of our students, but neglect our own. If you want to become the teacher you always dreamed of being, it’s time to put yourself first. Backed by science and the stories of real teachers, Thrive will help you understand your needs, energy and choices. Discover strategic solutions for overcoming burnout and frustration, learn how to meaningfully discuss teacher wellbeing at school, and build the resources that will enable you to stop surviving and start thriving.


SECTION 1: Sowing the seeds of wellbeing

1 Teacher wellbeing: the basics
2 The good and bad of stress
3 Theories of wellbeing
4 Social and emotional competence
5 Psychological health and safety

SECTION 2: The fertiliser to help us thrive

6 Time
7 Head
8 Relationships
9 Impact
10 Values
11 Emotions

Final thoughts
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