Palgrave Positive Education Handbook

Approaches to Positive Education – Chapter 2

Another book chapter to add to the list. Here Dr Suzy Green, Clive Leach and myself discuss the many approaches schools can take to embed positive education in their school.

Checkout our chapter as well as many other from leaders in the field of Positive education

NEW Book “Cultivating Teacher Resilience” (2020)

I recently had a book chapter published on building Psychological Capital for teachers.

The book is called “Cultivating Teacher Resilience” and it is FREE to download.  It draws on the research of Positive Psychology in the workplace using Hope, Efficacy, Resilience and Optimism theory. This forms the acronym HERO. I have also developed some workshops called “Supporting our inner HERO”.

Book Chapter – PERMA powered coaching (2019)  Falecki, Leach, Green

Daniela Falecki was the lead author in this chapter on using PERMA as a coaching tool.

About the book

Positive Psychology Coaching in Practice provides a comprehensive overview of positive psychology coaching, bringing together the best of science and practice, highlighting current research, and emphasising the applicability of each element to coaching. With an international range of contributors, this book is a unique resource for those seeking to integrate positive psychology into their evidence-based coaching practice.

Journal Article – Positive early childhood education-EJAAP (2017) Baker, Green, Falecki

Daniela was a contributing author on this journal article exploring the Positive Psychology in Early Education

There are inherent links between early childhood educational theory and practice and the science of positive psychology. Opportunities exist for the implementation of positive psychology interventions and the harnessing of synergies between early childhood services and global pedagogies. Globally there exists regulation, pedagogy, standards and learning and development frameworks that mandate a focus on wellbeing but provide the profession with little to no tools, training or interventions in the science of wellbeing.

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Article titled “How can we better support the Psychological Health & safety of Teachers?”

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Article titled “The 5E’s Roadmap to building Teacher Wellbeing”

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Article titled “Teachers need psychological capital”

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What about our teachers?

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