How to stay motivated this term

You’ve hit the ground running with holidays a distant memory. You promised yourself this term would be different, yet here you are.

Here are 3 quick tips I use to help me stay grounded, focussed and sane (well, most of the time);

1. Mindset password

In a world of technology we are always having to think of passwords, change passwords and then more often than not, click ‘forgot password’. Why not create a password that is also a positive affirmation, an intention or a reminder to support your own wellbeing? Here are just a few to choose from, or make up your own;

*  1day@aTime

*  Let!tgo

*  Ser3N!ty

*  8reathe!

*  URock123

*  Not2Perfect

2. Walk don’t run

In a normal teaching day it can feel like you are being pulled, pushed and sometimes smashed with people wanting things from you. One thing I remind myself often is to ‘walk not run’. What I mean by this is, the teaching job is never finished, there is no end line yet we say to ourselves “I just need to …. Then I will”, but there is no end, and there is no ‘just”…. so where are you running to? Teaching is a marathon not a sprint so remember to slow down, smell the roses from time to time, laugh a lot and focus on one task at a time even if this means 5min intervals.

3. Pass the ball

We’ve all heard “don’t sweat the small stuff” but this is easier said than done. One thing I do when I am feeling frustrated is to write it down on a piece of paper, making sure I am explicit with my feelings. I then read it to myself before screwing it up into a ball and throwing it in the bin (be sure it can’t be gathered by anyone LOL). I’ve been doing this for so long now that these days, I just have to say to myself “pass the ball” with a physical gesture of literally passing a ball over to someone or something else. (To be honest, i use to say Let it Go but it bought visions of dancing in snow flakes so now I say pass the ball)

Of course, there is so much more which I will continue to share.  In the meantime, I hope you find these helpful and enjoy your weekend!

Daniela Falecki

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