Understanding our needs & decisions in human behaviour

According to Tony Robbins, the Guru of Peak Performance Coaching, people all have 6 Basic Human Needs that need to be satisfied.

Although we might consider that such Needs are positive, there are situations when we can seek to attain these needs in a manner that leads to negative results both to ourselves and to those around us.

Let’s have a look at these Needs and consider how they can influence our life:

Need 1. Certainty/Comfort/Security

Positive aspects of this Need: You can create a safe and stable environment with enough predictability to leave you space for enjoying the rest of your life. Certainty can help you feel balanced, grounded, connected and secure. You can work towards having your comforts met, save money in the bank, and have stable relationships.

Negative aspects: You can be overly cautious, fearful of taking risks, paralyzed into indecision. People who are controlled by the need for Security will be more deeply affected by sudden changes, unforeseen events, real or perceived threats to their job, their livelihood, or their sense of self. Their fear will keep them from functioning in times of crisis or potentially cause them to react strongly to someone that they feel is threatening their sense of security.

Need 2. Uncertainty/Variety/Adventure.

Positive aspects: Sense of higher self-confidence, independence, risk-taking, optimism, excitement, enthusiasm for living. People with a need for Adventure will be leading others to find new things to do, new places to visit, new markets to open, new products to sell, new ways of doing things and new experiences to live.

Negative aspects: Reckless regard for self and others, irresponsibility, too individualistic, judgmental of others who are less adventurous, may create crisis or drama inappropriately.

Need 3. Love/Connection

Positive aspects: Do we need to explain? We all know that love is the spice of life and when love becomes deep and meaningful it can be one of the most beautiful experiences in life. It can help to achieve all the other needs in one way or another. Love can help you to mature as a person and to become more responsible for others.

Negative aspects: When love becomes possessive; when people become dependent on the person they love, negative aspects can be experienced. The first love should be love for oneself because in the absence of this there can be no true love for others.

Need 4. Significance

Positive aspects: Significance can give you a sense of confidence, feel good factor about yourself, a sense that you have a meaningful place in life, a sense that you are important and it can help you to work towards creating significant achievements in life.

Negative aspects: You may look for significance in negative ways. You may try to bully others, seek power to control others in a negative way and nag others to gain their attention.

Need 5. Growth

Positive aspects: Unless you grow, you die. Growth can help you feel alive and stimulated. You can grow as a person and be a resource to others. Learning new things in life will expand your boundaries, knowledge and wisdom.

Negative aspects: You may become so engrossed in personal growth that you forget others including those dear to you.

Need 6. Contribution

Positive aspects: Contribution can help you to transcend yourself and this is the highest form of liberation and freedom. It shows that you are so fulfilled with yourself that you can stretch out to help others or work for a higher cause because you have an abundance mentality.

Negative aspects: If your contribution comes from a sense of proving yourself to be worthy rather than from a natural sense of giving it can backfire. Even though you may be contributing to others, you may still feel empty and unfulfilled because your first 4 needs still need to be satisfied.

Check out which needs most influence you and decide whether you need to tweak your behavior to live a life that is more fulfilling.

Written by Reggie Aquilina,  the Founder of Insight Zone Academy. He is a Life Coach and works in the field of Adult Learning and Development. He is actively involved in providing e-learning resources related to Life Coaching and he is the creator of the Life Coaching Home Study Course: The 10 Power Keys Program.

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