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Causes of Teacher Stress

Teacher stress is high and this infographic gives you a snapshot this research from many different sources. If you would like to know more about the research and where this data comes from, checkout the ‘why’ tab at the top of the page.

How to Build Teacher Wellbeing

This infographic gives teachers simple yet evidence-based strategies for supporting their 5 pillars of personal wellbeing using Seligman’s PERMA model

Identifying Character Strengths

At the heart of positive psychology lies understanding our character strengths. While we each have all 24 strengths inside us, our uniqueness is comprised of the order in which these strengths are ranked, which forms our true character. Seligman and Peterson’s research indicates that when we identify and plan ways to use of top 5 strengths known as signature strengths we experience greater life satisfaction and wellbeing. Take the free VIA strengths test first.

FREE Webinar – First Aid for Teacher Wellbeing (1hr)

Join Daniela for this free webinar where she runs through the First Aid response designed to preserve the wellbeing of teachers.

We all know the DRABC of First Aid, but what if we became the first responders to our wellbeing during times of stress and chaos.

Here are some things you can do on a daily basis:
D – Divergent Thinking
R – Rest your mind
A – Awareness of self
B – Believe you are enough
C – Celebrate daily

Book List for Teacher Wellbeing

Download this list of great books to add to your school ‘Teacher Resource’ library.

With a focus specifically on the wellbeing of teachers in schools, each book shares practical strategies, research and more.

Book List for Coaching Teachers

Download this list of great books to add to your school ‘Teacher Resource’ library. 

Focussing on Mentoring and Coaching teachers, these books offer practical strategies, research and evidence, frameworks to follow and more.


Many measures exist to identify the status of wellbeing in organisations or more specifically schools.

Below are some organisations who offer valid and reliable measures you can use. Most of these involve a fee.

Please use the links below to find out more.

Free Teacher Wellbeing Audit (Informal Measure of Wellbeing)

Whenever we want to improve something we first need to identify where are starting from. This simple survey can help you identify the areas of teacher wellbeing that are working and the areas that may need further development

You can download our FREE  TEACHER WELLBEING AUDIT to see how you and your staff rate. In this survey we use Martin Seligman’s 5 Pillars of wellbeing known as PERMA to give you a guide and starting point.

Formal Measures of Wellbeing


Measuring the wellbeing of ourselves or whole staff before implementing a wellbeing plan is essential. The PERMAH Survey is a valid and relaible, FREE measure designed by two experts in the field Michelle McQuaid and Peggy Kern. Check it out here

PERMA Profiler

Rather than seeking to identify those who are distressed, or “at risk”, the Flourishing Profile (FP) survey uses a positive psychology approach to assess the degree to which individuals have developed the “pillars” of good mental health to stay well and optimise quality of life. The FP survey is a leading indicator of mental health, useful for proactive wellbeing interventions at both an individual and collective level. The approach is consistent with the NSW Department of Education Wellbeing Framework for Schools (2015) and the Geelong Grammar School Model for Positive Education (2013).

AWE – Assessing Wellbeing in Education

If you want a more statistically valid and reliable measure of the wellbeing of staff at your school, you can use Working on Wellbeing developed by Professor Aaron Jarden