Strength Box

Strength Box


24 character strengths

Character strengths are distinctive qualities to describe how we be and what we do. They create a common language to form the building blocks of human flourishing.

These cards represent twenty-four character strengths, each with a description of how this character likes to behave across six categories;

  • strengths of head (Wisdom)
  • heart (Courage)
  • giving (Humanity)
  • teamwork (Justice)
  • self (Temperance)
  • spirit (Transcendence)

This deck includes additional cards for individuals or teams to reflect and discuss strengths that are;

  • like me
  • not like me
  • sometimes like me
  • like you
  • not like you
  • sometimes like you

Great for reflecting on actions, choices and goals

BONUS Resource with every purchase – 12-page PDF download “Working with Strengths for Teachers”